Forestry & Land Resource
Consultants, Inc.
Making Forest Soil Maps is our Craft

Making Forest Soil Maps Work is our Passion
Do you have good soil maps for your forest ownership but find them difficult to use?

Are your theme maps more relevant to past practices than today’s practices?

Could you be getting a better return on your investment in land classification?

Have mergers or acquisitions resulted in multiple land classification systems?

Optimization of soil based silvicultural regimes requires current knowledge and future
expectations concerning products, product prices, available treatments and their costs,
and past management practices.  Because these factors are continuously changing,
prescription recommendations should be frequently reviewed and updated as needed.
Unfortunately , much land classification data were lost during the last 15 years as
forest industry consolidated and then divested land.

F&LRC can work with new land owners to develop and refine keys and interpretations
that reflect your companies goals and expectations.

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