dirt forester (n) 1. a mildly derogatory description  of a person who practices the art
and science of forestry primarily in the woods.  2. a silvicultural pedologist
The coolest thing about growing trees is that the best returns come from
investments on the lowest risk land!
Real Dirt Foresters

We are experts in soil delineation for
southern pine silviculture.  We produce
land classification tools that forest
managers, money managers, and
researchers use to make better forest
management decisions. Informed
managers choose practices that increase
return on invested capital while protecting
environmental values.   
Technical Services

Land delineation for comprehensive land classification projects,
large scale delineation for rapid evaluation of land acquisitions or
exchanges, micro-site delineation for optimum placement of
research plots, and mapping of unique land qualities.

Interpretation of data underlying soil polygons to extract the
information needed to enhance silvicultural decisions.  Tactical
and strategic decision are enhanced by visual, spatial, and
quantitative analysis of land qualities.  Your soil maps will speak
your language.

Evaluation of productivity, economic potential, management
options, and environmental risks and rewards of forest land
Extensive Experience

We have mapped millions of acres of
industrial forest land across the
southeast.  Our scientists have
surveyed forest soil from the Blue Ridge
Mountains of Virginia south to the sandy
flatwoods of Florida and from the
organic pocosins of North Carolina west
to the pineywoods of east Texas.  Our
experience includes
mapping and classification work in Brazil
and Puerto Rico